Wailbone Labs

Do you like saying "boutique effect?" Do you want that subtle feeling of superiority over your bandmates and friends? Do you get off on knowing that your rig is truly one of a kind? So do we.
We are Wailbone Labs, a few gear nerds with a dream and a basement, and we are proudly making signals distorted and people happy since 2020.

The Weird Stuff

These pedals probably shouldn't exist, but they do. And you probably shouldn't buy them, but you know you want to.

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  • Quality, Guaranteed

    Not only are our pedals aesthetically beautiful, they are also fully analog, hand-built, and hand-wired right here in New York.

  • Truly Unique

    We strive to bring the market
    distinctive effect combos, brand new sounds, and freedom to artists who can't quite find what their looking for anywhere else.

  • Custom Work

    We are passionate about bringing each customer an effect tailored to their specific needs, providing a completely unique pedal, inside and ou .

Pedal Accessories

Sometimes, your gear needs gear.