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Wailbone Beefcake Fuzz

Wailbone Beefcake Fuzz

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Have you ever wanted a pedal that made the Big Muff look small? Do you care more about aesthetic than practicality? Is 1 fuzz never enough for you?

There are two discrete, unique fuzzes under the hood. On the left, a modified Bazz-Fuss style fuzz, and on the left a hi-treble fuzz based on the rangemaster. The 2 XL knobs on the top control volume for thein respective fuzz. The knobs (from R to L) control fuzz 1 gain, fuzz 1 bias, and fuzz 2 gain. The right switch controls the hi-pass filter for fuzz 1, and the left switch controls clipping on fuzz 2. The jumbo red aircraft switch just turns on the battery, I just liked the way it looked. This pedal is also a terrific way to save money. At a whopping 6.5'' by 9.5'' , you wont need to buy a ton a pedals to fill up your board. Just toss this fat thing on it and your good to go (probably).

This pedal was built inside a Spindler & Sauppe Selectro Dissolve enclosure (stock image of one shown on 2nd to last slide). Takes 9V center negative, 100mA minimum. Battery compatible. Input on right, output on left.


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