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Wailbone X2 Splitter

Wailbone X2 Splitter

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It started when I wanted a fatter low end on my tone. I would send my signal to a tuner pedal with 2 outputs, and started using a bass amp and guitar amp simultaneously. I fell in love with that tone, but hated having a tuner at the end of my chain, so I built a simple pedal with an input, an always-on output and 2 toggled outputs for my amps.

Put it at the beginning of a chain to use two rigs at once, at the end of your chain to toggle 2 amps, or get weird and put it in the middle of the chain to separate your distorted and modulated signals. This pedal is a gives you a lot of potential to experiment with and squeeze the most interesting tones out of the gear you already own.

The switch on the side lets you toggle between 2 levels of LED brightness (hella bright, or bright enough). The jacks on the (from left to right) are for input, always-on output, output 1, and output 2. Output 1 is toggled with the right footswitch, and output 2 is toggled with the left. With the exception of the LEDs, the circuit is completely passive, and can operate as normal without power. Takes 9V 100mA, center negative. 

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