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Wailbone Lite Brite Fuzz

Wailbone Lite Brite Fuzz

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Have you ever bought an ugly pedal and wished you could change its appearance? Look no further. The Lite Brite fuzz from Wailbone is only as ugly as your imagination!

This silicon fuzz pedal is built inside a used travel-sized Lite-Brite that we found at a garage sale. The original lamp was busted, so we replaced it with 3 LEDs that illuminate the center and lite the pins. The Lite-Brite is still functional, and the clear plastic pins still fit in the storage compartment on the front, so you can add whatever design you please. This is a new pedal, but it's built inside a very used children's toy, so expect a few scratches. There are a whole lotta plastic pins in the storage compartment, but probably a few missing (I don't know how many pins it is supposed to come with).

The video attached features a different pedal, but with an identical circuit to this one.

Confuse your friends and terrify your enemies with this bizarre contraption.

9V, 100mA, not battery compatible, input on right, output on left

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