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Wailbone Trashmaster

Wailbone Trashmaster

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If you're like me you probably have a lot of junk on your pedalboard, why not tidy it up with a trashcan?

A simple rangemaster-style treble booster stuffed inside a lil plastic trashcan. The right knob controls volume, and the left knob controls gain. The switch on the left is a 3 position high-pass filter. The center position gives that classic rangemaster squeal, the forward position adds in some mids, and the backward position adds mids and some bass, so you can adjust the tone to your preferred level of crunchyness. There is a trim pot inside to fine tune the bias. The inside can be accessed by unscrewing the hardware on the footswitch, then removing the bolt underneath the front lip of the can.

The video below shows a different pedal we built, but with an identical circuit to this one (except the Trashmaster features an additional knob to control volume).

BC109 Transistors, Nichicon caps, XL footswitch, 100% handmade and hand-wired point to point. 100mA minimum, DC 9V, not battery compatible.

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